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Sambal Indofood

Range of flavorful chili sauce that is made from fresh chili combined with various spices & selected ingredients. Sambal Indofood provide 6 different variants, each with unique taste sensations, to accommodate your different appetites in life. Sambal Indofood also available with various pack sizes that suits your necessities.

Sambal Rumahan

Inspired by the traditional Indonesian sambal recipe which is rich in flavor, because it is made with a unique blend of fresh chili and the best Indonesian spices. Sambal Rumahan Indofood comes with Balado Merah & Balado Hijau variants that taste as good as homemade sambal, and can perfectly blend with various proteins such as eggs, chicken, fish, eggplants, and potatoes, which are loved by the whole family.

Kecap Manis Indofood

Made with high quality soy bean extract as the result of 120 days “Moromi” fermentation to produce a soy sauce with right balance of sweet and savory taste, appetizing black colour, and the right thickness. Indofood sweet soy sauce is also available in various size, that is suitable for your needs.

Bumbu Spesial Indofood

Recipe mix seasoning in paste form made from combination of fresh natural spices & herbs, grinded, processed through pasteurization without preservative – present in many variants of authentic Indonesian special dishes

Indofood Bumbu Racik

No 1 Indonesian Recipe mix seasoning presents a practical solution for moms to serve tasty daily dishes in easy & practical way. Made from selected natural herbs & spices that have been dried without preservatives & coloring.

Indofood Freiss

The real fruit aroma from Indofood now enriched with honey.
Freiss Syrup from Indofood is made of fresh fruits and real sugar. As the only syrup that is enriched with the goodness of honey, Freiss Syrup from Indofood is fresh to serve in any situations.