Shareholders Composition
Shareholders Composition
Name of shareholder Share Issued Fully Paid Percentage of Share Ownership
First Pacific Investment Management Limited 4.396.103.450 50,07%
Anthoni Salim (Director)        1.329.770 0,02%
Franciscus Welirang (Director)                 250 0,00%
Taufik Wiraatmadja (Director)            50.000 0,00%
Public (with ownership interest below 5%)3 4.382.862.030 49,91%
Total 8.780.426.500 100,00%

1.First Pacific Company Limited is a public listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Anthoni Salim holds interests in and controls indirectly First Pacific Company Limited.
2.Through First Pacific Investment Management Limited, an indirect subsidiary of First Pacific Company Limited.
3.Does not include share ownership of BOC and BOD of the Company.